Steps to Take in the Event of a Potential Personal Injury Claim

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Report the incident to the other party involved i.e. County Council, employer, owner of the premises etc. and the Gardai if necessary e.g. in the case of a road traffic accident

Visit your doctor/hospital or appropriate medical professional

Record dates and facts

Take contact details of any witnesses

Take photos of whatever may support your claim

Contact a solicitor– legal proceeding must commence within 2 years of the incident

The Personal Injuries Board is a Government body set up in 2003.  All personal injury claims, except those for medical negligence, must go through the Injuries Board.  If the person you are claiming against (the respondent) consents to the Injuries Board assessing the claim, the Board will make the decision and award compensation if applicable.  If the respondent does not consent to the assessment, then the claim must be pursued through the courts.

If you are the respondent in a potential personal injury claim, it is important that you document all information and seek legal advice immediately. 

John A. Sinnott & Co. Solicitors have represented both claimants and respondents in personal injury cases.

Contact us today to discuss your case further.  

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