1916 - Commandeered Goods Value Never Retrieved?

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Letter from John N. Scallan, Principal Solicitor at John A. Sinnott & Co., to his solicitor uncle in Dublin following up on previous correspondence.  See previous blog.

16th May, 1916

My dear Uncle John,

Many thanks for your letter which has given me a good deal of information.  I am obliged for the trouble you took.  The Solicitors along with myself have prepared a Memorial which we are forwarding to the Under-Secretary, setting out the amounts of the Commandeered Goods in a Schedule to same.

Whether any good will come out of this or not, I do not know, but these people however, are compelled to make some effort for the goods commandeered, which amount to close on One Thousand Pounds.

I am sorry I did not see you on Saturday, but, it was late when I got to Town and I left that evening for home.

Yours affectionately,

John N. Scallan


J. L. Scallan Esq., Solr.,
25, Suffolk Street,

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