Arrest of John A. Sinnott Employee during 1916 Rising

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Letter from John N. Scallan to solicitor Frank Devine informing him of the arrest of John A. Sinnott Clerk, Denis Doran.


10th May, 1916

           “                              “                   “      V. YYY
            “                              “                   “     V. ZZZ

Dear Frank,

In above cases the Writs were served by my clerk, Denis Doran, as you will observe the endorsement on the back.  The difficulty I am now placed in is that amongst the Insurgents he was one who took part in the Rebellion, and as a result has been arrested, and is lodged “some place in England” as far as I can understand.  The Writs were served on him on the 22nd of April and of course would be right now for execution, but, the difficulty I am placed in is, I cannot get Affidavit of Service made.  That being so I am enclosing the Writs to you.  If you could have copies made of same and sealed I will have the Writs re-served on these parties, or could you suggest some alternative course.  I would be obliged if you would give this matter your prompt attention as the Company are anxious that Judgement be obtained in the several cases with as little delay as possible.

                                   Yours faithfully,

                                          John N. Scallan


F. Devine Esq, Solr.
Dame Street,


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