Graduated Speeding Penalties

By jasinnottadmin, Tuesday, 26th November 2019 | 0 comments
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Minister for Transport Shane Ross is bringing his proposals to Cabinet today in relation to graduated speeding penalties.  He has modified some key proposals after a backlash from some rural Ministers.


The proposals to Government will seek to impose more severe sanctions on motorists who have exceeded the speed limit by greater amounts.


At present, a driver who breaks the speed limit is subject to a fine of €80 and three penalty points, irrespective of the speed they were doing.


The Minister’s proposals will seek to impose higher sanctions for those travelling at higher speeds. A motorist found travelling 30km/h above the speed limit will face prosecution under a new standalone offence, with the prospect of a fine of €2,000 and seven penalty points.


Originally, Minister Ross wanted anyone who travelled 30km/h above the speed limit to be prosecuted for dangerous driving.



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