In the line of fire between the barracks and the headquarters of the Sinn Feiners

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Letter from John N. Scallan to Samuel Roche Solicitors explaining the delay on a case owing to the 'unfortunate disturbance' in the town. 

8th May, 1916


Dear Roche,

In reply to yours of the 3rd inst., which reached me yesterday, owing to the unfortunate disturbance which took place here, I have not been able to see Mrs XXX.  I had purposely arranged to go out during the Easter Holidays to try and have this matter settled up, but unfortunate matters turned out in such a way that I could not reach on it, being besieged here in the line of fire between the Barracks and the Head Quarters of the Sinn Feiners.  However, as soon as matters become a little normal I shall go out and see her, as I am anxious to have the matter finished up.

                                          Yours faithfully,

                                                     John N. Scallan

Samuel Roche Esq.,


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