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We recently had our annual audit from The Institute of Legal Research and Standards and were successful in achieving a ‘gold’ ’ Q6000 legal standards award.  In fact, we excelled in all areas of the rigorous audit and achieved an exceptional overall rating of 99%!

The Q6000 is an advanced practice, risk and quality management standard awarded to solicitors’ firms who have demonstrated exceptional levels of client practice and risk management.  

We are delighted to have our commitment to delivering a quality service for clients acknowledged.  John A. Sinnott & Co. was established in 1865 and so, it is fitting that whilst celebrating our 150th year, we have achieved such an exceptional score.  

Whatever service a client is seeking – from wills, family law and conveyancing to corporate law and employment law – they can be assured that a firm with this quality mark not just observes but exceeds best practice standards.

Firms with the Q6000 accreditation rank among the highest quality law firms in Ireland. 

Contact us for further information.  

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