Buying a House

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Jean Murphy



When buying a house, our main objectives are to ensure:

  1. that proper title is in place
  2. that the buyer is being treated fairly by (a) the seller and (b) the bank
  3. to get the keys as quickly as possible


To achieve these objectives, we will help you with the considerations below. 

  • Has an Architect, Engineer or Surveyor looked at the house to ensure that it is structurally sound?
  • Are the title deeds in order?
  • Is the Planning Permission in order and have all conditions been fulfilled?  Serious problems could arise later if you try to sell the house and
    the conditions on the original Planning Permission have not been fulfilled.
  • Does the septic tank comply with regulations?
  • Are site boundaries where you think they are?
  • Has local property tax been fully paid to date on the property?
  • Consider the overall budget and not just the price of the house.  Have you allowed for the cost of insurance, mortgage protection, stamp
    duty, registration fees, surveyor’s fees, legal fees and VAT?
  • Have you enough money of your own to pay the deposit?
  • Do you fully understand the legal implications of a mortgage?  Could the bank repossess or sell your house?
  • What is a Snag List and when should it be prepared?
  • If the house is within a development, have you a guarantee that the developer will finish the roads and pathways etc.?


We will ensure that you will not part with your money for the house purchase until you are comfortable that the house and all that’s involved, is right for you.


 Did You Know?

"Condition 47 of the standard Contract for Sale gives the purchaser a right to inspect the property on a reasonable number of occasions and at reasonable times between ‘signing up’ and ‘completion’. So, if the purchaser wishes to inspect the property on the day of the closing, he/she has a right to do so under this condition"