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Summertime and the Living is Easy!

By jasinnottadmin Tuesday, 30th July 2019 | 0 comments
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The August bank holiday weekend is approaching and we are all looking forward to some rest and relaxation.  If you’re driving this weekend, the roads are sure to be busy and so extra care and attention is needed.  Here is a reminder some of the basic regulations we must adhere to, to help us say safe on the roads.

Blasphemy: From being burned at the stake in 1328 to a €25,000 fine in 2017

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Following an interview with Stephen Fry on Gay Byrne's 'The Meaning of Life', a member of the public believed Fry's comments were illegal and contrary to the Defamation Act 2009.  The person said they were "doing their civic duty" and had written to Garda Commissioner Noirín O'Sullivan over the comments.  Gardaí considered the statement and decided not to proceed with the investigation.  None-the-less, the complaint sparked much media attention and debate over the relevance of our blasphemy laws in modern society.  

Tips for Safer Use of your Credit and Debit Cards

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We all hear stories of credit and debit card fraud.  Using cash as a payment method in shops and restaurants is fast on the decrease and this, along with a surge in online shopping, has led to card payment being the prevalent payment method.

Census 2016

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Sunday, 24th April is Census night in Ireland.  But did you know that you are legally required to complete your Census form and be included in the Census?

Drones. . . they’re really taking off!!

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There is no doubt that the use of drones is becoming increasingly popular around the world, in Ireland and indeed, Wexford.  Originally used by the US Military when it was not safe to send in manned aircraft, drones are now used for search and rescue, photography, in film production, delivering packages and for monitoring dangerous animals!