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Sports Law can concern professional players or amateur players and their relationships with governing bodies, agencies or sponsors. It can also concern other aspects, such as media rights and image licensing arrangements.


At John A. Sinnott & Co. Solicitors, we can help you with all aspects of Sports Law and in drawing up agreements such as:

Employment Contract or Agreement Between a Club and a Player
Such an agreement will cover the usual terms you would expect to find in an Employment Contract but also sets out the obligations of the player to promote the Club and deals with the image rights given by the player to the club.


Promotion Contract
Such a contract will contain conditions governing the relationship between a company and a player who agrees to assist in marketing that company's products.


Management Agreement
This would set out the terms by which a player appoints an individual as his Manager and includes conditions concerning commission and the Manager's obligations, payment of his expenses etc.


Appearance Agreement
An appearance agreement can be put in place when a Company wants a Player to appear at certain functions with a view to raising the profile of the function.


Event Sponsorship Agreement
This can be used where a Club has organised an event and has identified a Company to sponsor the event. It can contain conditions as agreed with the Company e.g. that the Club will procure a number of broadcasts on television/radio etc.


Concession Agreement
This is an agreement between a Club and for example, a food provider who will supply take away food at a particular venue at the Club.