Court terms explained

The Courts with civil and criminal jurisdiction in Ireland are:

The Small Claims Court 

People usually represent themselves at this Court with claims up to €2,000.

The District Court

Deals with claims up to €15,000.

The Circuit Court

Deals with claims up to €75,000 except for personal injury actions which are limited to €60,000.

The High Court on Circuit

This involves a High Court Judge sitting at different venues around the country to deal only with Appeals from the Circuit Court.

The High Court

Deals with claims from €75,000 (personal injury €60,000) upwards.

Commercial Court

A branch of the High Court which deals with commercial claims in excess of €1,000,000.

Court of Appeal

A relatively new court in Ireland which deals with appeals from High Court Judgements.   

The Supreme Court

This is a Court of Appeal only which deals with appeals from the Court of Appeal and sometimes directly from the High Court.

Criminal Court 

The District Court, Circuit Court, the Court of Criminal Appeal and the Special Criminal Court all deal with criminal cases.

We have represented our clients in all of these Courts. Our policy is to keep you out of Court where possible and where not possible, to deal with your litigation in an efficient and business-like manner.

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