Criminal Law

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John G. Murphy


In Ireland, there are two types of court cases – civil actions and criminal prosecutions.

Civil actions are taken by individuals against other individuals or organisations where there is a disagreement about any matter of fact or point of law which affects their legal rights.  The purpose of a civil claim is most often to seek compensation or to recover money owed.

Criminal prosecutions on the other hand, are taken by the State, usually through the Director of Public Prosecutions.  They generally deal with things considered wrong or illegal, such as murder, assault, theft and road traffic offences.  The aim of the criminal law is to punish, usually through a jail sentence or a fine.

At John A. Sinnott & Co. Solicitors, we can assist you with all stages of a criminal prosecution from providing advice prior to attendance at a Garda Station, advice whilst in Garda custody, bail applications and representation at Court.  We will aim to make the process as stress-free as possible for you and will be there to guide and help you every step along the way.  We will personally attend with you at court.

We are registered on the Criminal Justice Free Legal Aid panel and can represent eligible clients charged with crimes covered by the Free Legal Aid scheme.  If you are eligible under this scheme, you will have your legal costs covered by the State.  We can advise you as to your eligibility and assist in the necessary paperwork for an application for Free Legal Aid.

If you have any further query in this area, you can talk to us in the strictest confidence.